"I found them (Old Saltbox Publishing's books) interesting and very informative... they gave me a whole new perspecive on the New England area."
- Robin, Massachusetts

"Haunted Happenings is both entertaining and bone chilling. The photographs really made it fun to read. They made me a believer!"
- Amy, Connecticut

"I have enjoyed every book I've read... especially the Witchcraft Hysteria series. I've always wanted to visit Salem, and now even more!"
-Michael, California

“I bought a few for my daughter who lives in New Hampshire… what a wonderful gift at such a great value…”
- Donna, New York

“Folks really love these books to read around the campfire! They really catch on… like wildfire!”
- Harold, Campgrounds Owner, Coastal Maine

“On my vacation, I noticed your books at a local store. I picked one up and haven't put it down since!”
- Steven, Vermont Mountains

“I have always been interested in 'America's Stonehenge'… Ancient Mysteries is an enjoyable source of information at an unbeatable price!”
- Calvin, Arizona


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