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Welcome to the Old Saltbox Publishing and Distributing website! Take a haunting look at New England Seafaring, tales of mystery and imagination, of shipwrecks and spirits, of heroism and horror. We take pride in presenting a line of titles that will touch the “OLD SALT” in us all. Explore the history of Witchcraft in Salem Massachusetts, read chilling stories of ghosts and haunted places. Whet your appetite with recipes from our cookbooks or explore Cape Cod Secrets... the unusual is commonplace at Old Saltbox! History, traditions and legends of old NEW ENGLAND await you in our books. Come inside and take a deeper look, if you dare!

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Robert E. Cahill, local historian and the author of over thirty books about New England life, folklore, and history, presents the NEW ENGLAND COLLECTIBLE CLASSICS SERIESNew England’s GHOSTLY HAUNTS,” “ HAUNTED HAPPENINGS” “New England’s ANCIENT MYSTERIES,” and “ LIGHTHOUSE MYSTERIES OF THE NORTH ATLANTIC" to name a few...

Also, writer and historian Leo Bonfanti presents “Strange Beliefs, Customs, and Superstitions of New England,” “The Witchcraft Hysteria of 1692” and “Biographies and Legends of the NEW ENGLAND INDIANS”. All our books will entertain you and, hopefully, give you further insight into our forever haunting and mysterious New England.

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